Welcome to Curtin Challenge, where you can develop your skills, build your networks, and shape your future. Challenge is a fun and interactive way to learn, and is just one of the many ways Curtin University is transforming your University experience.

The Curtin Leaders Program and Careers Illuminate Challenge are the first in a range of options you can choose from. Participating in a challenge earns you points towards badges, allows you to level up to become a community mentor and expert, and contributes to the Curtin Extra Certificate. Upcoming challenges will include scenarios that immerse you in real world problem solving, and contribute to sustainable futures across the globe.

It’s all about serious games – and who knew serious could be so fun?!

Let us know what you think about Curtin Challenge. We’d love to receive your feedback on how to make this a better experience for you, what kind of activities and other programs you’d like to see on Curtin Challenge or any other ideas you’d like to share.

Curtin Leaders Program

The Curtin Leaders Program combines leadership skills modules with volunteering to help you learn valuable study skills, boost your employability and get you involved in your community. You’ll learn more about yourself, how you work in teams and how to make positive change in your community.

As a Curtin student, the program is open to you at any stage of your degree. You can try a couple of our modules, or you can complete the Curtin Leaders Program and get official recognition on the Curtin Extra Certificate. Completing the program involves the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Complete 5 leadership skills modules

Tailor the Curtin Leaders Program to suit your specific needs and interests. Choose any five (5) of our leadership skills modules from those shown below.

Step 2: Participate in volunteering

Apply your leadership skills and knowledge to a real-world experience by completing a minimum of 10 hours of volunteering.

Step 3: Reflect on your experience

Reflect on what you have learnt from doing the leadership skills modules and how you were able to apply that knowledge during your volunteering by completing an online survey.

For more information about the Curtin Leaders Program please visit the Curtin Leadership Centre website. Alternatively, contact us on +61 8 9266 1077 or email: leadership@curtin.edu.au.

About the Careers Challenge

Welcome to Careers Illuminate

Please join us in trialling a brand new initiative, Curtin Challenge. Your experience and feedback is greatly appreciated and will be used to inform future developments.

Careers Illuminate consists of fun, interactive career modules aimed to help you:

Explore. Discover your strengths, plan your path and source and decipher industry information.

Apply. Create your personal brand, discover hidden jobs and develop your job application tools.

Grow. Develop the communication skills, emotional intelligence and understanding of work place expectations that will help you flourish in your field.

Be part of something bigger

Make the most of your Careers Illuminate experience by using completed modules to contribute to the Employability Award. The Employability Award combines industry experience with Careers Illuminate modules and is officially recognised on the Curtin Extra Certificate upon graduation. Click here for more details!

What's coming next?

Upcoming Challenges will help you develop your academic writing proficiency, build your English language skills, and work in teams on projects addressing some of the world’s biggest sustainability issues.

Your Privacy

Curtin Challenge collects information to provide better learning experiences for all participants. We collect information in two ways: the information you enter into your profile, and the information we get from your experience as you work through the challenges. This information is used in ways we now know. For example, if a quiz question is consistently answered incorrectly, your information will help us change the question to make it more understandable. This information will also be used in ways we don’t know just yet, with the goal always being to improve and personalise your experience.

At Curtin University of Technology, the privacy of our students, staff and the people we deal with is very important. Much of the information that the University collects in order to provide the services that it does, is "personal information". For details of how the University will collect, store, use and disclose your personal information please refer to the full privacy statement.

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