1. What is Curtin Challenge?

Curtin Challenge is a platform where you can explore different themes of interest, to achieve your personal and professional goals. Challenges allow you to develop your skills, build your networks, and shape your future while earning badges and achievements.

2. What is the Community page?

The Community page is a live and interactive page that shows who is currently online and completing challenges. Students can view each other’s profiles and compete against their friends to earn badges, gain experience points and level up.

3. What is the Careers Illuminate Challenge?

The Careers Illuminate Challenge consists of fun, interactive career modules aimed to help you discover your strengths, create your personal brand, develop communication skills, enhance emotional intelligence and understand workplace expectations that will facilitate you succeed in your career.

4. What is the Curtin Leaders Program?

The Curtin Leaders Program combines leadership skills modules with volunteering to help you learn valuable study skills, boost your employability and get you involved in your community. You can try a couple of our modules, or you can complete the Curtin Leaders Program and get official recognition on the Curtin Extra Certificate.

5. How do I earn a certificate for completing the Curtin Leaders Program?

Completing the program involves the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Complete any 5 leadership skills modules

Step 2: Participate in a minimum 10 hours of volunteering

Step 3: Reflect on your experience by completing an online survey

For more information about the Curtin Leaders Program please visit the Curtin Leadership Centre website.

6. If I cannot complete a module, can I return later to complete it?

Yes, you can stop at any time and return later to complete a module.